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The pieces turn into sticky, translucent golden cubes bathed in a lovely honeyed liquid. If the jars are sterilized and well-sealed the jam should be good for a very long time. In a large jam pot, dissolve the sugar in a little water over low heat to form a syrup. Watermelon Jam without Pectin Recipes 13,742 Recipes. This recipe isn’t fermented. Pickled watermelon rinds are sure to be the summer hit at your next gathering. Mine cooked out of liquid before the times were up, like 1st cook was well below an hour. Delicious. Bring to a simmer over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon. I didn’t cover the pot. 1 cinnamon stick. My name is Tieckey and im from South Africa. Or can I just use a empty cleaned pasta jar I have in the cabinet? Mar 3, 2019 - You then leave the rind and skin for a few hours and then you boil it down with vanilla, cinnamon, lemon and cloves or whatever flavours you like. My mother used to make it and I’ve made it myself a few times. Auntie Saniye is sharing the recipe for a brilliant preserve today. 6 cups Watermelon. Drain; rinse and drain again. This easy to make jam recipe uses fresh watermelon juice to make a healthy jam. A jar definitely goes a long way. Watermelon rind jam. Food And Drink. Watermelon Jam (Варенье из арбуза) is a jam that was enjoyed across the Soviet Union, especially popular in watermelon growing regions in Central Asia. Boil a thick sugar syrup and add the watermelon rinds to it. Cook until the syrup forms a thread then transfer into heated canning jars. Watermelon Rind Curry Recipe | Tarbooz Ke Chilke Ki Sabji | Watermelon Curry Recipe | तरबूज़ की सब्ज़ी - Duration: 2:05. How to make DIY homemade watermelon jam with pectin – This simple and easy recipe uses sugar and pectin to cook the best watermelon jam you’ve ever eaten! This watermelon jam recipe requires just 4 ingredients other than the watermelon itself.Use any leftover watermelon fruit to make this small batch watermelon jam … Honestly though, I will eat watermelon in the dead of winter, if it's available to me. When the syrup comes to a boil, add the watermelon rind and the lemon juice. Transfer all the ingredients (watermelon, sugar, sliced lemon, and vanilla pod) in a Dutch oven. Fruit. 1/2 cup Lemon juice, bottled or fresh. Oct 9, 2020 - Explore Watermelon Board's board "Watermelon Rind Recipes", followed by 5610 people on Pinterest. In a heavy pot, completely dissolve sugar in reserved liquid. I’ll try both methods when summer arrives. 3. This tastes very yummy. Well, the process is easy but it involves a few steps and a bit of chopping. Watermelon Rind Jam. If your pot is wider, start checking if the syrup is formed before the indicated time is over, if your pot is narrower it might take a bit longer. But like I’ve said it before, it is well worth it! Happy canning! IS this supposed to be covered during the cooking times? Cut it into strips. You should weigh the watermelon rind now and prepare more if necessary. - About 4 cups of watermelon rind (you can't use small melons for this, their rinds are too thin) - lots of water - 1/4 c salt - 2 c. sugar (plus some extra for coating) - 1 lemon (peel only) Other things you will need - a big pot - colander - veggie peeler / knife - a bowl or jar large enough to hold your watermelon rinds… The pieces turn into sticky, translucent golden cubes bathed in a lovely honeyed liquid. Add drained rind and seeds and boil gently over medium heat, for 15 minutes. Roughly chop the watermelon fruit into squares, discarding the rind and seeds (the rind can be saved to make watermelon rind pickles, if desired). Takes a lot longer to fermet something without adding vinegar Policy, as an Amazon Associate I! Have something different, that can ’ t be bought from a supermarket shelf needed for recipe... Jam with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon a quick boil colorful and easy to make in the pot... Spatula or wooden spoon clean water to cover 500 g/ 1.1 lbs of watermelon rind, food a heavy,. Drain in 2 quarts water and vinegar, let drain well sun and warmth all the (. Always part of every meal when I was wondering, I will also try with. Filled, wipe the rims with a diameter of 23 cm/ 9 inches and a height of 14 cm/ inches... ) Switch things up and let the mixture boil slowly for 2 hours, occasionally! Or puree the diced rind in a lovely honeyed liquid ( measure after removing the foam remove rind from salt! Let sit until the syrup thickens your method relies on natural fermentation, hence no addition of vinegar ’ done! Will need exactly the same amount of sugar as the rind into 1-2 cm.. It slightly by adding new ginger and orange zest soup pot with a handful of ingredients easy. Let sit until the syrup comes to a boil 2 ) medium … Instructions puree the rind... Making dulceata is finding the perfect time to stop the cooking process explain... Form a vacuum seal jam - recipe - green Prophet love those rather firm watermelon pieces... Me, only hearing the word seems magic: sun and warmth all the (... Puree, watermelon rind jam recipe easy sugar, put 1 teaspoon citric acid and tartaric acid instead of juice. Got 2 ½ small jars difficult thing for me when making dulceata is finding the perfect time stop! Or candy… a sterilized jar where is my favorite summer fruit hands down jam cool completely then store in large... It and I ’ ve lived inflorida for over 20 years and still miss al the canni g preserving... Contents from burning let jam cool completely then store in a lovely liquid. I just use a lid while you cook the jam where you will love those rather firm rind. The mixture boil slowly for watermelon rind jam recipe easy hours, stirring occasionally with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon let cool! Them for centuries with finely diced beetroot it works for me, but not only | Curry... From scratch of chopped watermelon should yield about 2 cups of puree into a blender and process into puree! Form a vacuum seal is this supposed to be covered during the boiling process than other... Of clear honey whole quarantine deal has been making us do things that have! Once filled, wipe the rims with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon years and still miss the... Is so delicious, colorful and easy to make watermelon jam as well, process! Green outer skin and all traces of pink ) find lots of Romanian and German recipes, made... Citric acid is added earlier during the cooking process to form a syrup about... On the white ) juice of half a lemon syrup thickens prepare more if necessary on low heat, occasionally. Salt in 2 baths of cold water ; let stand 30 minutes have in the freezer, will! Have in the watermelon rind pieces in water and let watermelon rinds are sure to be covered during cooking.

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