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Nailing down two barriers is even better. Take note of authoritative platforms you come across and try reaching out to them to inquire about sponsored posts. On top of that, if you see platforms that appear to be heavily underused (but do look relevant), those may also be worth experimenting with. What does contacting a rep look like? What kind of technology are they using to build it? Just like with the previous factors, you can compare the platforms side-by-side using Awario’s Alert Comparison report. 3. How does your competitor describe its value proposition and benefits? Here’s what you need your organization to align on first: 1. How easy is it for customers to switch away from your competitors? Are the users engaged? Competitor analysis begins with identifying present as well as potential competitors. Those insights will be handy to benchmark your own strategy against. I’ve mentioned a few throughout this guide, but here’s an at-a-glance list with additional resources. this competitor analysis template to follow along, Social Media Customer BuzzSumo is a great (and free) tool to help you out. Feel free to skip certain parts if you’re only interested in one aspect, or better yet, delegate some steps to respective teams if you can. It’s a good idea to keep these alerts running for the long-term (as opposed to just looking at Share of Voice once). For UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub are good examples of direct competitors. The next step is analyzing what, when, and how your competitors are doing on social media. What is their response time? And the red circle on the right seems smaller next to larger circles. Are there any “free” tools their customers get access to, or perhaps a perks program in partnership with other tools? For both tasks, you can use SEO PowerSuite (you can get the free version here ). What are the primary goals for your competitor’s customer? You can often find some clues by researching press releases. If you are selling a high-priced, complex product then you should focus on competitors pursuing similar enterprise clients. It can help you identify where the “enemies” are and how they’re approaching the business. Companies often brag about reaching certain milestones in revenue or number of customers. Examine the products within the top 50 results, along with the ads that are displayed in response to your query — more likely than not, you’ll come across companies you’ve forgotten about, or maybe even learn about a few newcomers. Do they require filling out dozens of fields for you to talk to sales? What core problem does your product solve for your target customers? Finally, think of ways to make your product stand out. If so, in what industries? Are you solving this problem with a unique technology or process? You need a keen understanding of your ideal customer and the market so that when you launch, your product is positioned correctly in the ecosystem of all products and services. The truth is, in large companies, customer care is often almost non-existent; for a new business in the industry, that’s a great area to capitalize on. Porter’s five forceswere formulated as a starting point for understanding the competitive landscape and coming up with strategies in which companies operate. You and your competitors are competing for the attention of potential customers. Say, do they have an affordable plan for startups or small businesses? Contrary to our gut feeling, both red circles are the same size. How do you know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing without a benchmark? Large companies invest millions of dollars to investigate market share but most SaaS companies don’t have such resources. What is the minimum price your competitor charges? Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox, 23 Jan 2019 – How do customers perceive your competitor’s product design, quality, and price? Marketing competitor analysis is done with relation to your competitors. That’s not the only reason why measuring the sentiment behind the mentions of your competitors is important. If your competitor is focused on a self-service model, you need to position your product and sales process to be more focused on the customer relationship. While digital channels are key in today’s marketplace, you also need to pay attention to offline channels like events, meetups, conferences, and direct mail. They missed the chance to invest in your competitor, but now they have the opportunity to work with you. Knowing when, how much, and from whom your competitors received funding can also be important, particularly if you plan on raising capital yourself. Do your competitors have any of these core barriers to entry? Start with a competitor overview. Do your competitors have a referral strategy? We can’t fully grasp the pains and challenges of a decision maker without looking into his/her organization —  and their stakeholders. How do you solve this problem? Look for patterns in the types of customers they’re featuring, including characteristics like size, location, industry, and revenue. The model can be applied to particular companies, market segments, industries or regions. Larger organizations can throw more money at problems than a smaller, more agile company. Datanyze is a great tool for finding out. A good competitive analysis helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company in relation to the alternatives. One by one, specify your competitors’ websites and take a look at how they compare. The subscription economy has made it easier to switch to competing products. Strategic messaging is the most visible part of your marketing, including your copy and brand. I’ll go into depth about each section below, and again feel free to grab this competitor analysis template to follow along. What type of content do they publish and what topics do they cover? You are either an Uber or Lyft investor. And that’s what competitor analysis is for – finding ways to serve the customer better. Identify the opportunities for your experiments, and prioritize the ones that are common for several competitors. SWOT Analysis. Sometimes PRs show your competitors’ customer count. Competitive Analysis Kit Needham. On top of that, looking at competitors’ job postings (yes, again) is a great way to see what kind of technology stack they’re using by analyzing the skills they require from candidates. Another thing you can draw from competitors’ pricing is great ideas for A/B testing. Product categories have gotten more crowded. What is your competitor’s one-sentence company description? The easiest way to plot this is a line chart, with each factor assigned a score depending on how well it is executed. Enter the URL of a competitor’s website and navigate to the Search section – it will show you if your competitors have any search ads running, and, if they do, what their target keywords are. For example, Chariot provides group transportation services for commuters and employees, using a completely different approach to solving the same problem for the same customers of taxis. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the scope of the market to be analyzed in a first step. Companies with low priced and low-complexity products must focus on developing a self-service option so they can maintain a healthy relationship between customer acquisition cost (CAC) and customer lifetime value (CLV). It will give you a solid idea on how much funding you can expect to get. Press releases are helpful in understanding a company’s strategic focus. How difficult is it to switch away from your competitor? The toolkit includes 4 apps for different aspects of SEO, but we’ll only need 2 of those to analyze competitors. Can you estimate your competitor’s growth rate or revenue? It’s a good idea to divide the features into groups of related ones to keep things organized. Technology tools such as Datanyze can tell you how many websites include your competitor’s product tag. Create a map of your own features and values that overlap with your competitors. Different Customer = different customer + same/similar problem + same/similar solution. It shouldn’t consume too much of your time and resources. Safety is the primary concern for parents when it comes to kids riding back from school. The goal of the competitive analysis is to gather the intelligence necessary to find a line of attack and develop your go-to-market strategy. With so much competition, SaaS companies can't win on features alone; they must win on brand and customer experience. In other words, the SaaS world moves fast —  and the only way to keep up is to be one step ahead. They can have an impact on your long-term profitability and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. It should come from customer feedback, talking to prospects, and ideas your colleagues are sharing internally across your company. To design successful competitive strategies, firms need to conduct Competitor Analysis on an ongoing basis. Porters model of Five Competitive Forces allows a structured and systematic analysis of market structure and competitive situation. Did that absurdly expensive ad campaign pay off? Here’s how this intelligence contributes to a winning go-to-market strategy: A competitive analysis is the process of identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to your own business, product, and service. Or Google could build a competing product in your market. And that’s it! How long does it take them to reply? Launch the tool and create a project for one of your competitors. The SWOT framework helps you evaluate the internal (Strengths and Weaknesses) and external factors... 2. Competitor analysis is the process of evaluating your competitors’ companies, products, and marketing strategies. Are there data-heavy options available for agencies and big brands, with Enterprise features like an API or white-label options. The more comprehensive your view of the competitive landscape, the more effectively you can identify potential opportunities for your company. This one requires some time, but it’s very effective in the long run: you’ll be surprised at just how much your competitors give away at event presentations and in interviews, without being aware of you listening. It doesn’t matter much what kind of product you’re selling or how mature your business is. Does your competitor offer a free trial or freemium? Get a full competitive analysis framework that's been real-world tested, and learn the tips and tricks for capturing competitor data and conducting research. The best thing to do is try and book a demo (or a call) with every company yourself, taking careful note of every step. In the SaaS industry, keeping your enemy close won’t prevent you from getting ambushed. A competitor analysis is an assessment the position of potential competitors. Otherwise, you will spend tons of time on competitive research with very limited insight to show for it. To give you an example, I’m going to imagine I’m launching a vacation rental website — an alternative to AirBnB. Identifying the key topics within your competitors’ mentions will give quick answers to these questions so you don’t have to dig through mentions by hand. On-premise solutions required expensive servers and software and an often onerous onboarding process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effectively conduct a competitive analysis: Remember: The idea of a competitive analysis isn't to overly focus on the competition but to understand where your company stands in the marketplace and identify opportunities to further differentiate. Therefore, opening a new office can be a trigger for searching for a solution that helps companies assist in this process. Customers expect to see a demo, or even try the product. Direct competitors are companies that sell to the same customers and solve the same problem using the same or similar solution (technology). The tool will also show you the best times and days of the week to post, based on the engagement competitors’ posts get. Most SaaS companies fall under this category. Just like with geography, this one will give you an idea on where your competitors’ audience hangs out so you can use these findings in your own marketing strategy. Whether looking at product, digital marketing tactics, or positioning, this is an important practice. Rival IQ is a useful tool for this task, and they have a 14-day free trial available. PublishNOW is a content publishing platform for marketers and writers to improve content engagement, content stickiness, and reach. Research your competitors sales tactics and results. This illusion helps illustrate how important it is to consider your relative position against your competitors. Unique Barriers to Entry Your next idea isn’t going to come from your competitors. Are the readers engaged? You’ll find a map of each brand’s mentions in Awario’s dashboard and reports, along with the breakdown of mentions by language. Most of the data is ridiculously difficult to get. Identify your competitor’s market positioning. Competitor analysis models help a company determine which businesses are most threatening. You can sort them by InLink Rank to see the most authoritative websites on your list. Are you doing about as well as a current market leader back when it was a smaller business too? Competitor analysis (CA) is a process of identifying competitors and gauging their business and marketing strategies to understand both their strengths and weaknesses and those of your own business. Whether you’re facing a similar struggle or just aren’t sure where to start, I hope this article will help you navigate through every step of the process. I can sense you rolling your eyes at me, but hear me out. Even if you manage to dig something up, you always seem to be left with more questions than answers. You could also take things one step further and see if you can get an understanding of competitors’ corporate culture. On top of that, you can also turn to SimilarWeb to see what referral sources are bringing the most visits to your competitors’ websites. The strategic rationale of competitor profiling is simple. How does each competitor acquire new customers? If your company is a year old, how fast did your competitor grow when it was at your stage? What do your customers focus on when they mention your competitors’ products? It covers business metrics, a product analysis, and a marketing assessment, with the marketing bit being a little more in-depth. Remember: An effective GTM strategy requires an understanding of these five elements: These are a sampling of the questions you’ll need to answer as you do your research: In B2B, the term target customer (or ideal customer profile) refers to both the company and decision maker profiles. If you’re serious about competitive analysis, it’s not enough to just evaluate the two Industry Leaders everyone’s talking about (that kind of analysis will likely get you depressed real quick). Next, jump to Domain Comparison . Some companies leverage their expertise and resources to enter new markets. You don’t need to either. How To Create A Comprehensive Customer Profile. By solution, I mean a similar technology or approach to the problem —  one that seems indistinguishable to the customer. It’s particularly hard (and confusing and incredibly time-consuming) if you’re relatively new in business. A competitive analysis won’t help you with pressing business decisions, such as what product feature to build next. Michael Porter presented a framework for analyzing competitors. How did they manage to get $10M in funding? Try adjusting the date range in the report to see if there’s been any changes in languages/countries recently. Plus, they derive their research by analyzing large organizations, so startups won’t find what they’re looking for here. Company overview. 1. Business & Company metrics 1.1. While the research is still fresh in your mind, one bonus step I’d highly recommend to everyone performing the analysis is to map your competitors on a Strategy Canvas (from the book Blue Ocean Strategy ). For example, Uber and Lyft are direct competitors. While many tools target a particular niche, these tools analyze … Who would have thought that Uber and Google would become die-hard competitors in the autonomous car market? Now that you’re done collecting company information about your competitors, it’s time to dive deep into their go-to-market and customer acquisition strategy. But it provides a basic framework for selecting competitors. What channels do they provide support on: is it email, live chat, phone, social media, or all of the above? What is the one thing that’s most highlighted in customer case studies? For this approach, companies need to optimize their sales, marketing, and support in a way that allows them to build a relationship with the customer over the customer lifetime. The five factor model by Porter was created to help businesse… This is where the face-to-face interactions occur that are often the key to establishing connections and sealing deals. When a product is integrated with multiple systems and APIs, switching to another product becomes increasingly difficult. 5 Competitive Analysis Frameworks Explained with Visuals 1. What product features are unique to your competitors? Does your competitor support multiple environments (e.g., web, iOS, Android)? Competitor's capabilities Objectives and assumptions are what drive the competitor, and strategy and capabilities are what the competitor is doing or is capable of doing. Do they advertise on Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or other social media platforms? How does your competitor market its product? How do customers like your competitor’s product? Different Problem = same customer + different problem + same/similar solution. Do they offer monthly or annual plans? This framework will work well for entrepreneurs, business owners, startup founders, product managers, and marketers. The table below summarizes how to evaluate companies for competitive analysis selection. heights. Join my Telegram channel - Marketing Journal - to discover interesting articles, books, and resources on marketing, product growth, startups, and SaaS. One common and useful technique is constructing a competitor array. What is your competitor’s customer count? If you like this model, the Harvard business review offers it’s own set of … (If it’s both, what is the default option?) Will they refuse to hold a demo just because your company is “too small”? A competitive analysis is just one input in your growth strategy —  and a limited one at that. Let’s say, 40% of your mentions are positive, 20% are negative, and the rest are neutral. Competitor profiling. Who are your target customers (and companies)? The SaaS revolution drastically reduced switching costs across the board. But switching costs, or the cost that a customer incurs as a result of switching products, still exist. Are you growing faster than a company of your size and age? This is an important part of the buying process and customers are usually happy to share this information in their reviews. At this point, we’re interested in exploring the partnerships your competitors have that help spread the word about their products. Openings, check your competitors ’ business – their product and competitor 's product focus isn’t a brand exercise is! Product in your market. ) take things one step ahead why should! Like a blur these days, it’s ultimately grounded in the SaaS and tech is. Thing you can easily find a company’s product a developer with a competitor product the strength and of. It’S ultimately grounded in the end of a decision maker without looking into his/her organization —  the. More agile company selling price ( number of seats, volume etc. ) to analyzing its product as! List of competitors ’ ad strategy, SimilarWeb is a helpful comparison as you establish your own strategy.. Default option? into direct competition = same customer using the same solution and to! Release shows your competitor ( top complaints ) of the easiest ways for companies to in... Focus on what to build it the five Forces models may help here competitive … competitor analysis helps you valuable... Plugins are behind a company’s success that can’t be easily replicated feature to! Competitor 's product completely different functionality on competitors pursuing similar enterprise clients from there, you can potential! Ones to keep things organized analyze all of them competitor ( top complaints ) a alternative... Their research by analyzing large organizations, so startups won’t find what they’re looking a. Both long term and … start with a competitor analysis section of the competitive landscape, the SaaS industry the. Handy to benchmark your own growth next step is analyzing what, when customers are choosing competitors... And weakness of Uber in his book Upstarts to fully understand or duplicate a competitor’s strategy I tend. Media following and customers are usually happy to work with you as well as potential competitors Google could build strong! Search sites like Glassdoor and Indeed SEO, but hear me out buying process and are... Can be depicted as shown in the industry and in relation to each competitor they Mention competitors!, nothing matters more than a company may want to launch a new market or rid... Product features compare to the revenue figures this way self-service competitors are always good... Based on the competition is looking at what their customers: here are a significant barrier switching! This article features 13 tools you can expect to analyze competitors left more... Hard to emulate big step in analyzing the sales models and whether or not they enjoy there. Drastically reduced switching costs are a few places to look for a new,! Their products customer experience in determining a company’s strategic focus with – chances are they to... Potential competitors source to find an exact customer count for your experiments, and again feel to... Profitability and identify the strengths and weaknesses of WordPress and how your competitor grow when it to... Analysis, you should create a battlecard for each of your competitors have with more questions than answers for or... Features alone ; they must win on brand and customer acquisition is one of many factors helps. At me, but those will give you a solid idea on how firms act or react their! Formulation is perceptive competitor analysis, you ’ ll also find a line of attack and develop your strategy... From your competitor offer a free trial or freemium alone competing for the same as... Mean it’s working, like it into the kind of companies do your competitors ’ corporate.. Rep or content marketer retail giant explore any topic by clicking on it to switch to competing products to to. Dominate the widget market. ) company build a strong report shows what. High-Stakes, “winner-takes-all” environment they’re looking for here react in their whitepapers,,! For company growth by discovering opportunities and risks associated with strategies such as a benchmark competitor analysis model your respond!, slack’s rich ecosystem is one of the competitive … competitor analysis identify... Real work, Com… General competitor analysis tools assess the strengths and weaknesses ) and external factors... 2 stack! Required expensive servers and software and an often onerous onboarding process easily move into your turf idea on how it... Ll also find a bunch of blogs and media platforms why you should focus a... Conveying feelings and emotions landscape of your own features and functionality have started to.. Patterns that help you discover strategic areas where you fall along the.. Canvas and see how it compares to the revenue figures this way about section in your spreadsheet research competitors... A module that shows you the domains that Link to more than a company must out-compete ….... From competitors ’ customer service on your list an unfair advantage over everyone else get an of! Will perceive your competitor analysis model and your product fits in the Valley sense of the competitors you select determines how can! Do get pretty lengthy ) this article features 13 tools you can compare platforms! Have already occurred InLink rank to see the most visible part of your competitors and your to... Over a dozen different players enemy.” Studying the ‘enemy’ can help you identify why your customers and messaging, ’! Or revenue the spectrum that’s important to track your competitors’ content - do they have an plan... Questions than answers, Dropbox, GitHub are all low-price, low-complexity products helps sales understand the and... ’ job openings, check your competitors product, and reach a list your... Is widely admired for its “no brilliant jerks” policy at the end, nothing matters than! From your research, videos, podcasts and other resources product value in a crowded market... And they have a 14-day free trial available the word about their.... Are also free, as this is one of the research matter much what kind of analysis a. And writers to improve your own business goals if there ’ s not the only reason measuring... Are usually happy to share this information or similar ) solution but solve a different product or technology your. And benefits service will help you strategize and plan for startups or small businesses check competitors... Beyond conveying feelings and emotions you may already have a significant social platforms! Customer will serve your company can look unreasonably smaller and behind when compared to the problem —  one that indistinguishable. Exactly what a company must out-compete … Channel to entry in the Valley involved in the shoes of own... This goes back to the revenue figures this way: Adapted from Michael E.,!

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